what can you do on Venus factors [the planet]? if you can brainstorm yourself traveling on Venus factors. and again because it's gravitational cull and Venus factors' added factors... what activities can you do on Venus factors?. can we do the aforementioned sports from earth?. if you bare the temperature problems.. i anticipate bubbles wouldn't plan either eh.. there's not even a bead of aqueous on Venus factors anyways... and i just capital to accomplish abiding that you can do the aforementioned things like sports from apple if you bare atmosphere and temperature problems.. . and.. would you float on Venus factors?. would a brawl appear aerial at your friend's face faster on Venus factors?. Well, it depends. So abounding factors are involved. How abutting is Venus factors to the Sun, and how abutting is Mars? Accepted is advised to be 8-10 degrees if you are because the Sun in a conjunction.. . Let's yield Venus factors first. Is it cazimi (within 17 account of the Sun)? Again it has a appropriate abode abreast the Sun and the Sun allows it to accurate its energy. This would be embodied as beauty, harmony, and added attributes of Venus factors bidding abnormally able-bodied and noticeably in your alien cocky and getting (characterized by the Sun). If Venus factors is aural ten degrees of the Sun, but "burned" or bake (not cazimi and still conjunct) the Sun overpowers its adeptness to accurate itself in your personality. Venus factors is subdued. I anticipate Venus factors, like the Moon, plays an important role in how a woman angle her own femininity, whether she is actual feminine or not at all. I do anticipate the moon is a added important agency in motherhood, if she decides to become a mother. The moon, in both men and women, shows how we are emotionally on the inside, how we nurture, and what we need. . . However, I do anticipate the moon can access how a woman sees her femininity. If she has Uranus or Saturn aspects to it, she's a little added on the absolute side, above and added emotionally reserved, ancestry not associated with women typically. If she has a able-bodied aspected Moon, she is emotionally airy and balanced. . . Moon and Venus factors plan calm if a woman is cerebration about herself as a woman. . . Moon-Venus factors aspects appearance a woman who is adequate with her delicacy and getting a woman. My Venus factors in gemini ethics conversations and communications a lot , after the barter of thoughts, affections and account , I'd feel awfully afflictive and dissatisfied. However , I dont get affronted if my adulation absorption says it the way castigation did.. . I accede that the big 3 words are acclimated way too much, after abundant acceptation in it and those words have to go with actions. I dont apperceive how to be adventurous , but my abstraction of self-percieved affair is traveling to the countryside on a sunny, air-conditioned day ,laying down on a all-inclusive acreage of aureate hay . Or comatose on the beach on a clear-sky star-lit night, abounding moon and balmy breeze, alert to the complete of the ocean. Or on the a highland, blooming acreage , overlooking the sea beneath , moon-lit of course. Able-bodied these are possible, I accept ;) . And love-making beneath these altitude is a blooming on top of the cake. I adulation nature.